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Create brand awareness for the audience that matter

Marketing tools implementation

Marketing based on data

Powerful data and analytics

Evolve your business with modern tech

Email Automation

  • Setting up of account and necessary steps to start email automation

  • Automation of emails for weekly blogs, welcome emails, and other scenarios

  • Creating workflows for strategies that suit your business

  • Creating drip campaigns

Landing Page creation

  • Landing pages are simple one page websites that help you with your marketing strategies. You can create them when you want to market something but do not wish to add it to your main website. We do the:

  • Creation of landing pages for your campaigns

  • Setting up of analytics to track your campaign

Campaign management

  • Implementation of tools necessary to track campaigns

  • Creation of reports and dashboards to track campaigns

  • Creation of documentation with steps and methods to track your campaigns to help you do them yourself

Website creation

  • Creation of website for your business

  • Development of the website will be as per your choice including the design, content and overall look of it

  • Implementation of basic marketing or sales automation in the website

  • Support will be provided for maintenance even after completion of project

Data analytics and Reporting

  • Implementation of analytics into your website

  • Creation of reports that bring out meaningful insights from your analytics

  • Creation of different dashboards to help you create marketing strategies based on data

  • Creation of documentation with steps to help you use the dashboards and reports

Digitalization of a traditional company

  • If your business is not present online or is partially present, then we do the:

- Search engine listing

- Creation of essential requirements for online presence like the website, contact details, and others

- Essential process implementation to achieve marketing and sales goals​