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Sell your services, the right way, to the right people

Complete sales support

Assistance on globalizing your business

Find the right leads

Customer relationship and process management

Quality lead generation

  • Identification of the right leads to accelerate your business

  • Creation of reports with leads sources, interest, status, and other such criteria

CRM integration

  • Creation of your business accounts on CRM tools

  • Integration of CRM into business

  • Implementation of process to automate/link the CRM with other marketing tools

  • Continuous assistance to manage the CRM

  • Integration of existing data into CRM

Customer onboarding & 
Product Demos

  • Assistance in onboarding customers into your business by giving them:

- Introduction of your business

- Demo of your software/services​

  • Presentation of your business with demos to:

- Clients

- Potential clients

- Investors

- Internal demos

- Expositions

- Exhibitions,

and other scenarios where you would like to demo your business

Client management

  • Complete management of clients including:

- Demos

-  Monthly/weekly clients analysis

- Identifying and analyzing client churn rate

- Improvising the process for client retention